The Rectory | Crudwell, Wiltshire

If you are looking for somewhere to stay with a ‘home from home’ atmosphere look no further than The Rectory in Crudwell.  And when I say home from home what I really mean is it’s the sort of home you dream about not the sort you unfortunately happen to be inhabiting at the moment  – beautiful hand selected furniture, fascinating artworks, wonderful amenities and food to die for.

I would have happily said all of this well before I was asked to photograph the interiors for The Rectory ahead of their website refresh.  I was fortunate enough to have stayed here a couple of years ago and thought the place absolutely charming and always vowed to take my wife back for a mini-break.  Now having had the chance to spend some more time photographing The Rectory, if anything I am now even more charmed by it and it’s little eccentricities than I was before.

There is an attention to detail in terms of both design and service that would make any stay an absolute joy.  I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at quite a number of ’boutique’ hotels and I often feel slightly upstaged by their interior design; they seem to be more about the design for the sake of it than creating an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and of course stylish. Having said that please don’t start to think for a minute that The Rectory falls short on the design front, far from it, it just doesn’t feel the need to show off about it.

This sense of relaxed cool doesn’t happen by chance and it certainly doesn’t happen as a result of some corporate brain storing.  It’s a result of people who care as much about your experience as they do their business.  It’s a result of people who have obviously spend a considerable amount of time in hotels and know, as a guest,  what you  want and indeed need.

If what you want is an informal, relaxing and stylist weekend away from it all then what you need is a visit to The Rectory.



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