Nursery | London

It has to be said that nurseries or children’s bedrooms are not often imbued with any significant degree of design.  Too frequently I am asked to photograph wonderful houses yet find the owner’s sense of style stops abruptly at the threshold of their children’s bedroom.  I’m never quite sure why this is, it certainly isn’t that the owners don’t absolutely adore their children.  Might it be that children’s taste seem to change so rapidly that we don’t want to expend the effort in designing and creating a wonderful space for them only to find that a year later they’ve grown out of it. Or perhaps the thought of them and their friends jumping up and down on that Eames chair is more than we can stand!

So it was an absolute joy to find myself photographing a house in London where the nursery had very much been included in the overall design of the interior. It was bold and beautiful, but certainly not quirky or faddish.  I love the green on green, it gives the room a very strong sense of purpose and design.  It feels modern and fresh, a design that the child will grow with rather than grow out of.  Needless to say a strong sense of design, particularly for a nursery, doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s certainly feminine but it’s not ‘frou-frou’ and it’s all thanks to Ursula Wesselingh the brain-child behind Room To Bloom. Ursula is a passionate believer that you childrens’ bedrooms should be the most beautiful rooms in the house.

Not only do I think she’s right but I also think she has succeeded in achieving that.