In Case Of an Emergency

I keep finding myself coming back to this pictures I took last year.  It was just a hand held ‘snap’ that I took while shooting an editorial feature in Devon.

The photograph is far from being technically perfect or anywhere near perfect, it’s noisy as hell, yet there’s something about this that strongly resonants with me.

So what on earth is it that I like?

Well, I love the combination of the strong vertical and horizontal lines, there’s some beautiful uniformity  and I love how these ordered lines are juxtaposed with the random nature of the letters pinned to the notice board. But mostly I like how the picture has this human element to it, it offers a little bit about who lives there but not too much, enough to get the ball rolling in my imagination but allows me to finish the narrative.

Too often interiors photography falls too heavily in to the ‘product photography’ category.  At it’s best, I like to think of interiors photography as portraiture but with the subject being absent, just their essence is left in their belongings and possessions.

Do that sound a bit weird?