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Watching the time

I just love the patina of old buildings, there’s something so primal yet beautiful.

Barbers | Bristol

I’ve been wanting to photograph this place for quite some time now, no it’s not some bohemian Brooklyn Brownstone or some Scandinavian woodland lodge.  It’s my local barbers in Bristol.


Delighted to be interviewed for the wonderful blog ‘We Heat Home’. If you’re interested here’s the full interview  

In Case Of an Emergency

I keep finding myself coming back to this pictures I took last year.  It was just a hand held ‘snap’ that I took while shooting an editorial feature in Devon. The photograph is far from being technically perfect or anywhere near perfect, it’s noisy as hell, yet there’s something about this that strongly resonants with...

Bedroom Gemini

Just a very quick one from a shoot I did yesterday.  The atypical composition of these two rooms just appealed to me.  Not quite sure why and I very much doubt it would ever survive the cull for an editorial piece,  Juts thought I’d share it with you to see what you think

Cornwall Luxury

I love Cornwall (don’t we all), so it was an absolute pleasure to be shooting this amazing home for Good Homes magazine. It is the epitome of eclectic cool. It’s how you dream your  home might look if only you had the vision, the time and the budget.  It’s not pompous or prissy or even...

UK’s first fresh-water indoor swimming pool

This is the UK’s first fresh-water indoor swimming pool.  The water’s as pure as spring water and yes if you really wanted to you could drink it. The pool is located at the luxury rental property Tregulland in Cornwall